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Tailored to match the specific growth stage of your plants.

Elevate your indoor gardening experience with our energy-efficient Plant Grow Lights. Boasting a high light output that promotes plant growth and delivers a pleasing light quality, these lights create an optimal environment for both your plants and you. Explore the full spectrum of benefits in full bloom.

Optimal Spectrum Balance

Enhance the seedling and vegetative growth stages with bulbs that feature a harmonious red:blue light spectrum, creating a white appearance to the eye.

Cutting-Edge Red Light Spectrum

Illuminate your vegetation with the ideal light for flowering and fruit production, featuring a red light spectrum that appears white to the eye.

Experience a natural quality of light

In comparison to alternative grow lights, our illumination is both pleasing and natural.

Our Products

You’re Trustworthy Manufacturer of Plant Grow Lights

Explore Delponting’s diverse series of Plant Grow Lights, meticulously crafted to elevate plant growth. Enhance your cultivation experience with customized spectrums and cutting-edge technology.

1. High Efficiency LED Chips

Our grow lights with high efficiency LED chips will be more effetive to the plants.

2. Energy Efficient

Plant Grow Lights consume less energy compared to fluorescent grow lights.

3. Low Heat

LEDs emit minimal heat in comparison to other bulb technologies.

4. Long-Lasting

LEDs last longer than many other lighting technologies.


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LED Grow Lights

HPS Grow Lights

Delponting Warehouses location

Our Local Warehousing

Explore Our Local Warehouses for Expedited Shipping! With strategically placed hubs in the USA, Canada, and Germany, we ensure swift delivery to our valued customers. Experience hassle-free logistics and reliable service for your growing light needs.

USA Warehouse

104 cranch st Quincy MA 02169 , USA

Canada Warehouse

6651 Elmbridge Way #160, Richmond, BC V7C 5C2

German Warehouse

Buchholzstr.58 , 51061 Cologne , Germany

About Us

Plant Grow Lights Manufacturing Factory

Delponting Plant Grow Lights offer a diverse product series, meticulously crafted to optimize plant growth. Elevate your cultivation experience with customized spectrums and cutting-edge technology.

Why choose Delponting

From seed to plant

Delponting Plant Grow Lights are rated for both dry and humid conditions, offering the adaptability to thrive in environments with varying light requirements, be it high or low. This ensures the flexibility you need to cultivate a diverse range of plants.

Ready to start growing?

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Grow Lights FAQ

How do you ensure the quality and reliability of your Plant grow lights?

The Delponting manufacturing factory is committed to maintaining high standards by utilizing top-notch LED chips, implementing an environmentally friendly aluminum heat dissipation design, and enforcing a rigorous quality control process. These measures are in place to guarantee the outstanding quality and stability of our products.

Are you able to offer tailored spectrums to meet the specific requirements of different plants?

Certainly! Tailoring our spectrums to match the unique requirements of your cultivated plants and their growth stages allows us to optimize efficiency and promote maximal growth.

Do your Plant grow lights genuinely contribute to energy savings?

Harness the power of our energy-efficient LED technology, a solution that not only drastically cuts down on energy consumption when compared to conventional lighting methods but also ensures your plants receive the essential spectrum for optimal illumination.

Can you offer the essential technical support throughout usage?

Certainly! Our dedicated technical support team is ready to assist you with any queries, providing guidance on installation, setup, and maintenance to ensure you achieve the optimal cultivation experience.

Could you please provide information on your production capacity and share insights into how you handle product lead times?

With a stable production process and substantial inventory, Delponting ensures the punctual delivery of your desired products. Our commitment is to uphold reasonable lead times, aligning with your scheduling needs.

Can you accommodate specific customization needs if we have them?

Certainly, we welcome collaboration and can offer tailored solutions to meet your distinct requirements. Whether it’s adjusting the spectrum or dimensions, our commitment is to serve you with personalized solutions.