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Delponting high-performance Plant grow light

Designed for professional growers

For professional use cases in large-scale indoor farming or commercial greenhouse operations, Plant grow lights with specific features and capabilities are often preferred.

Delponting Warehouses location

Our Local Warehousing

Unlock Local Warehousing Benefits! As our valued local distributor, you can count on seamless support with our strategically positioned warehouses in your area. With readily available inventory and efficient logistics, we ensure timely deliveries and reliable service to support your business growth. Rest assured, our local presence means easier access to products and faster response times, empowering you to meet your customers’ demands effortlessly. Partner with us today and experience the convenience and confidence of local collaboration.

USA Warehouse

104 cranch st Quincy MA 02169 , USA

Canada Warehouse

6651 Elmbridge Way #160, Richmond, BC V7C 5C2

German Warehouse

Buchholzstr.58 , 51061 Cologne , Germany

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Build your own farm

Delponting’s Plant grow light designed for commercial applications. It features a high photon flux density and an optimized spectrum to support plant growth throughout all stages.

Versatile Plant grow light system

Suitable for professional use. It offers programmable spectrum control.


It delivers a broad spectrum of light, including far-red to promote flowering

Powerful designed

With a wide coverage area and advanced dimming capabilities, it provides flexibility and precision in light intensity control.