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Deliver unparalleled value to our customers by providing high-quality products that offer effective solutions for plant care at the best prices. We strive to meet diverse needs with a comprehensive range of HPS and LED series plant grow lights, offering various spectrum options. Through rigorous quality inspections, we ensure that every product meets consistent standards and fulfills the unique requirements of our users. Our commitment extends beyond the purchase with fast and free global shipping services covering 200+ countries and regions. Complementing our offerings is a dedicated 24/7 Customer Service, ready to address any questions or concerns. We aim to cultivate trust, satisfaction, and a thriving community of plant enthusiasts worldwide.


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Specializing in plant grow lights with customized solutions

DELPONTING is deeply committed to the advancement of plant grow lights, dedicated to fostering accelerated and vibrantly colorful plant growth. Established in 2013, DELPONTING has consistently specialized in delivering unique and innovative products, providing tailored solutions for both indoor and outdoor planting environments. Over the course of 5 years of unwavering effort, we have garnered widespread approval in the market, evolving into a comprehensive company passionately engaged in new development, precision manufacturing, and strategic brand marketing. Our journey has been marked by significant growth, and we credit this success to our robust and dynamic team that continues to drive innovation and excellence in our endeavors.