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Delponting solutions

Elevated light output is tailored for optimal plant growth.

Our Grow Lights offer abundant micromoles for enhanced photosynthesis and growth.


100% High light output

Experience the advantage of our Grow Lights, delivering a substantial number of micromoles. This ensures that your plants receive ample light for both photosynthesis and robust growth.

full spectrum of light

Promotes healthy plant growth

Powerful and energy-efficient

Promotes photosynthesis and encourages robust plant growth

affordability and solid performance

Adjustable intensity, making it suitable for various plant growth stages.

Delponting Produce

Available in various shapes and sizes

Plant grow lights have become increasingly popular for indoor gardening and plant cultivation. They provide the necessary light spectrum for plants to photosynthesize and grow effectively.

Indoor gardening

Plant grow lights are widely used in indoor gardening setups, such as hydroponics, vertical farms, and indoor plant cultivation. They provide artificial light that mimics natural sunlight, allowing plants to grow optimally without relying on natural light sources.

Supplementing natural light

In areas with limited sunlight or during the winter months when daylight hours are shorter, Plant grow lights can supplement natural light for plants. 

Seedling and clone propagation

Ideal for starting seeds and propagating clones. They provide the right intensity and spectrum of light for young plants, promoting strong and healthy growth during the initial stages.

Commercial greenhouse farming

Plant grow lights allow farmers to control light to optimize crop production in greenhouses, resulting in higher yields and quality.